How to Search Jobs Online

The web world is vast but don”t get confused.If you choose the right channel you can easily reach your goal.Internet is a great resource for people looking for job.You just need to utilize the resource in a proper way.You not only get the chance to find job directly but you can also participate in the networking sites to get in touch with new contacts that can help you to get a job.These tips might help you to end up find the right job for you.
Resume Creates Your Impression
However before you go for job search you should prepare a resume that gives the employer a fair idea about you and how your skills and experience can be an asset for his company.Resume writing is the most important thing as it creates the first impression and as we all know first impression is the last impression.
Video Resume
Instead of the traditional black and white resume you can try video resume.It will make you stand out in the crowd.Unlike traditional resumes,a video resume gives you the opportunity to showcase yourself to the employer.It can highlight your skills,experience and interest and give the employer a little idea about your personality.Video resume is more effective if you want to find a job online.
Go for a Website
There is another great way of showcasing yourself.Job seekers often post their resumes to different websites.If possible take a further step and create a website or online portfolio which enables the employers to read your goal,see your work pieces and finally if your profile matches their need they can contact you.
Make Necessary Changes
Once you make your website search on the Internet to see what comes up.Now place yourself in the position of your employer and check whether you are satisfied with what you find.If you are not then you start the work afresh or make necessary changes.
Narrow the Options
Don”t just go for whatever comes your way because you will find thousands of online jobs.You might end up finding a wrong job.There are jobs in your preferred industry world wide.But you might not be willing to work wherever you get a job.So narrow your search by region,duration,industry and so on.You can also go by salary,experience required,company name and so on.
Search by Industry

If you have understood which industry can offer you job satisfaction as well as utilize your talent you should refine your online job search.Visit the national or regional websites designedby companies in your preferred industry.This is a good option since the employers are posting jobs in these sites to get better response.

Go for Online Recruiters

Instead of searching for jobs on the Internet blindly go for online recruiters because they bridge the gap between the employers and the job seekers.They know better which company is looking for what.They can easily match you with a job that requires your skill.This will increase your chance of getting a job as employers also depend on recruiters to get deserving candidates.Also don”t forget to utilize the job alert facility most recruiters and job boards offer via email.

3 Reasons Why a Travel Franchise is A Good Bet for Your Future

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), even with the global slump, the worldwide travel sector provided more than 235 million jobs in 2009. Better yet, the contribution of the travel and tourism economy to total employment is expected to rise from one in 12.3 jobs in 2010 to one in every 10.9 jobs by 2020. In other words, travel and tourism will continue to grow in importance. You”d be wise to get in early.
The best part is, you can be your own boss if you open a travel franchise. Even if you don”t have experience in travel, the franchise company will provide comprehensive industry training. They essentially set you up with all the tools to succeed, and then you use your marketing and communications skills to sell travel packages or cruises to your customers.
It”s a Dynamic Industry
A mega-cruise ship with an outdoor amphitheater for acrobatic water shows? A deluxe river-cruising ship that provides expansive balconies for all of its guests? A luxury small ship that docks in exclusive South Pacific ports, where guests get the ultimate celebrity treatment? These are just a few of the ways cruising is bringing excitement to the travel industry. Cruise lines are regularly introducing new ships, or completely renovating older ones, to bring the best in unique travel experiences to families, couples, singles and groups.
With a cruise franchise, you have access to the world”s top cruise lines to sell dream vacations to your clientele. Worried that everyone”s buying online these days? That couldn”t be further from the truth. The vast majority of cruise travel is still sold via a travel agent, a personal cruise consultant, or whatever you choose to call yourself as owner of the cruise franchise.
Travel Is Driving Global Growth

Even when countries outside our borders invest in their own infrastructure, it”s a positive for the travel industry. Why? Because they provide the market you need to sell an exciting product. Caribbean nations such as Aruba, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are investing proportionally vast amounts of their coffers on travel and tourism capital investmentтЂ¦between 42% and 72% of their overall budgets. Overall, countries like China, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, Italy and Russia are currently among the top ten worldwide spenders on travel and tourism capital investment тЂ“ making their destinations even more attractive and welcoming for tourists who are eager to explore them via an ocean-going vessel or a river cruise.

3 Promising Careers with Built-in Upward Mobility

You came to the right place, my friend. We”ve got just the thing for you: 3 rewarding career paths that you can start quickly and grow in while you work.
Dental Career path
Start here: Dental Assistant 
With strong growth predicted for the entire dental industry, becoming a dental assistant is a great way to get your foot in the door. Get started by completing a dental assistant program, which is usually offered by community and junior colleges, trade schools, and technical institutes. While these programs typically take one year, you can also elect to enroll in a two-year associate”s degree program offered by community and junior colleges. Either way, you”ll be prepping patients and assisting dentists in no time.
End up here: Dental Hygienist
While you”re working as a dental assistant and getting valuable experience under your belt, you can study to become a dental hygienist. Hygienists are those professionals who spend their afternoons polishing our teeth and making our smiles beautiful. To become a dental hygienist, you need an associate degree or certificate in dental hygiene from an accredited dental hygienist program. Once you”ve got that diploma in hand, you”ll also need to take a licensing exam for the state in which you plan to work.
Estimated Earning Potential: In May 2008, the median annual wage for dental assistants was $32,280, while the median annual wage for their dental hygienist colleagues in the same month was $66,570, or more than double. Makes that dental hygienist certification sound like a good investment, doesn”t it?
Added Bonus: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one third of all dental assistants work part-time, which leaves you plenty of time to go to school, care for your family, or pursue another job.ч  In addition, both dental assistants and dental hygienists experience a high degree of flexibility in their careers, with the option to work nights and weekends if that fits into your schedule better.
For information on how to get started, see this dental assistant career profile .
Accountant Career Path
Start here: Bookkeeper
If you”ve got a high school diploma and a passion for numbers, you can start a career as a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers update and maintain financial records for virtually every industry out there. In addition, they may also handle payroll, make purchases, prepare invoices, and keep track of overdue accounts. One thing to note: an Associate”s degree in accounting or business is slowly becoming more desirable for these positions, which can typically be earned in two years.
End up here: Accountant
Bookkeepers who work towards a Bachelor”s in accounting can become accountants when they graduate. Accountants work with companies and organizations to make sure that their taxes are paid on time, their records are kept accurately, and their finances are in order.
Estimated Earning Potential: In May 2008, Bookkeepers made a median annual salary of $32,150. In the same month, accountants took home a median wage of $59,430 for the year.ч ч 
Added Bonus: More and more schools are offering accounting programs online, making it easy to earn your accounting degree while you work.
Nursing Career Path
Start here: Licensed Practical Nurse
You can get started as a licensed practical nurse (also known as licensed vocational nurse)by enrolling in a state-approved nursing program. These programs are typically offered by community and junior colleges and should take about a year to complete. Once you complete the program, you”ll need to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) to get your license. When you”re done, you”ll be ready to help registered nurses and doctors care for patients on a daily basis in a wide variety of settings.
End up here: Registered Nurse
While you”re working as a LPN, you can study to become a registered nurse. There are three educational paths to choose from: earn a bachelor”s of science in nursing (BSN), an Associate”s degree in nursing, or a diploma from an accredited nursing program (usually offered by hospitals). Any of these programs will allow you to practice as a registered nurse after you graduate (and pass the NCLEX-RN examination). In addition, many schools offer an LPN to RN program to specifically aid this transition.
Estimated Earning Potential: In May 2008, licensed practical nurses took home a median annual wage of $39,030. Meanwhile, registered nurses were compensated an annual wage of $62,450 in the same month.

10 Tips to Get the Right Job With the Right Salary

1.Do your research on the salary offered for the position that you are seeking. Know what you are worth in the marketplace by reading printed materials, researching online or through word of mouth from career experts or people from your industry.
2. Wait for the employer to make the actual job offer because as a job seeker, you are not in the position to initiate the salary negotiations. If your asked about your expected salary, its advisable to give a range that a specific amount.
3.Bring your previous performance evaluations or letters of recommendation to support your salary request. It is much better if the recommendation letter came from the superior to make it more accurate and precise.
4. Delay the salary negotiation as long as possible until you know your full job description and duties.
5. Highlight, but donтЂ™t brag, your strengths and achievements in your career that you think will make them know your a possible gem of the company.
6. Never lie about your current earnings or salary history to increase your perceived value, because you might get disappointed if they offer you a much lower salary.
7. Do negotiate your salary if you feel the first offer makes you short handed.. If you are not successful in getting the salary that you want, try to obtain other benefits, vacation leaves or bonuses.
8. Thank the employer when the offer was made but take your time before coming up with any job offer decision.
9. Be persuasive but not overly aggressive in negotiating your target salary.
10. Look at the entire compensation package being offered, not just the salary. Ask about all the benefits that the company will give, because it will probably be very useful for your future.

10 Hottest Areas In It Industry In 2009

No angle coming so soon to help us come out this economic slow down , all we need is find right options and courage to sail through this economic transformation .Courage is not only required at the Pakistani border for an Indian soldier , but in every sphere of life , and we must differentiate types of ” Courage, Bravery and audacity ” before we read this quick guide .One Type of Courage is when you must have it : before you do some thing which needs ability to achieve some thing extra ordinarily .One Type of Courage is when you may not have courage before doing some thing extra-ordinary but you achieve high level of confidence , brevity and courage once you do it .Kid normally not know what they can do! and what they cannot do ? Some people have never been in such situation , as these extra тЂ“ordinary circumstance were never there in this world earlier , Such conditions can never be taught in a B-School . but they need to over come , so we will we over come this economic new level with right choices in IT as follows .
a) Help Desk/ Technical Support :
b) Enterprise Storage & Data Recovery
c) Security
d) Information Architecture
e) Business Intelligence
f) Cloud Computing
g) Desktop Visualization
h) Embedded Systems
i) Application Coding and Customization
j) Project Management .